Nuit 1 : Lullaby, Lucy et Chechire

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I can hear him breathing.

Through the hearphones I can hear him breathing. 

I'm watching over the alarmclock.

I'm waiting for the alarmclock to ring.

I'm waiting for the light

That says that night is over. 


So you can hear the voice. 

I can hear the fear coming from the outside.

Lost souls and lost thought.


They never thought they could ended up here.

Next to the house. Next to the emptiness. 


Wait for me. 

My name's lullaby and I can hear you breathe through the hearphones. 


Curled up in the box

no move no breathe no time

no light. 


I have no name. 


I have no blood in my vein but no scar on my skin. 


I met the cat named Lucy.

He was waiting for the Chechire

to give him his body back.

And Chechire never came. 


I saw him a night,

wanted to call him.

But Chechire has no name. 


And finally he goes away.

Even not left his smile beyond. 


And Lucy still has his cat's body. 

The humanoid cat keeps on walking


and street after street

he still doesn't find the answer. 


And I'm waiting for the alarmclock to ring.

And I can hear him breathe through the hearphones.

Wandering what he dreams about. 


And I keep on walking after the Chechire. 

And I know Lucy stays with me only because there's no one else. 


It's 3.35.

OF COURSE there's no one else. 


Getting down my throat....

up in the wind...

Looking for the light.


Even Lucy remember the light.

Night is gonna be over. We can't be lost in here. 

Between all these walls. 

Everything's dark. 


My name's Lullaby,

the cat's Lucy but he's not a cat.

we are watching over the alarmclock

and we can hear you BREATHE through the hearphones. 



Chanson : Autumn's Fall

Parole : moi-même

Composition, interprétation : Tsila

Réalisation, montage, écriture du titre : Tsila

Son blog [X]

Un grand merci à elle pour son travail et son talent.

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