Humiliate yourself with some help

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The worst thing about being bipolar or mentally ill in any way is that any time you're legitimately sad, any time you're truly angry, and with good and clear reason, you will be told that you only are only feeling as you are because of your illness.

Everytime your boyfriend is being an ass, and you call him on it, this is what you will hear, so get used to it : "have you been taking your medication ?"

A life of non-credibility, even amongst those you love. This is what you face. Especially amongst those you love, for they think they know you.

It is the eternal equivalent of being asked if it's your "time of the month" every time you get upset.

If it doesn't make you want to kill yourself,

I don't know what will...


Emilie Autumn : The Asylum for wayward victorian girls.


Ca fait du bien, vraiment, quand d'autres que vous arrivent à mettre des mots sur des douleurs que vous ne saviez plus comment définir, comment expliquer.

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